In every area of my life, I stand on shoulders. This is no exception. Revamping the blog wasn’t my idea; Bethany actually suggested it. She has this way about her that nearly always inspires confidence and creativity.

We were in the process of rushing through as many discs of The Wire as possible before June 1st. She was on her way to Brooklyn to pursue her photography  & I was headed home to raise support for my new job at a Christian Study Center. While dissecting plot points and character development over wine and salted edamame, the idea popped up. Bethany, being the enthusiastic person she is, was all for me writing and sharing my observations about literature, film, music and photography. I was not so sure. I mean, she’s the one moving to Brooklyn, cultural hub of the universe! Who wants to read the commentary of some suburbanite grad, living life in the heart of the Midwest?

I don’t know the answer to that question. But the truth is, no matter the blog’s audience, I really want to write it. I want to be better at curating what I consume, and hope to create some nice posts along the way. Amid the whirlwind of a week’s packed schedule, and I want to create a place for rest, reflection and good thinking.

So here’s to engagement, curiosity and writing about what is good. Art needs no justification!


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