Music that Reminds me of God’s mercy and love

In the spirit of Easter, I wanted to share some music that really brings home for me what Christ did on the cross. If Jesus died for our sins doesn’t bowl you over, consider reading this. I wish I could grasp God’s grace that clearly all the time. It’s remarkable how easy it is to get caught up in either the monotony or busyness of everyday  schedules, losing sight of what undergirds the whole of life.

Josh Garrels, Love and War and the Sea in Between

On his fourth album, which is available for free download on bandcamp, Garrels focuses on capturing the tension of living between the ages. His songs are infused with joy, sorrow, longing and a dissatisfaction coupled with a drive to change the world as it is. This album spans genres of folk, soul, jazz, and trip-hop.

highlights: White Owl, Farther Along, Ulysses
reviews: Christianity Today, The Rabbit Room

Page CXVI, Hymns VI

Page CXVI is a band that devotes themselves to breathing new life into old hymns. Their aim is to make them accessible to present generations. For Easter, they are giving away a collection of B sides and a new track off of their latest collaboration with Derek Webb.

highlights: How Deep the Father’s Love for Us, Doxology

The Crossing Music, He Holds All Things

The Crossing, a church in Columbia, Missouri, has started writing and recording music in the past few years. Their third release, He Holds All Things, was released this past January. The EP emphasizes God’s sovereignty and his authority over heaven & earth.


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