Biblical Productivity

“But the very act of pausing in a busy day to pray is an act of weakening pride in my life, acknowledging that I am a dependent creature. I am not self-sufficient.” -CJ Mahaney

I have been struggling recently to understand how to be productive while still taking care of myself (eating well, getting sleep). I realize that busyness can actually be a sin of pride when it pushes other things out of my life. When I am busy, depriving myself of good friends, sleep that my body needs, and most importantly God and time with him, I am trying to be something I am not: self-sufficient. I love Mahaney’s quote above because it motivates me to pray and clearly delineates the battle in my heart: do I labor intensively to be perfect and not rely on anyone? Or do I rely on God first, giving him the first fruits of my time and trusting that I will get done everything that I need to that day? My perfectionism (all-or-nothing thinking) and my procrastination go hand-in-hand with my productivity.

I want to share this resource with you. It’s a free e-book written by Mahaney. In it, he collects bits of wisdom from other authors and examines the heart issues behind busyness and procrastination. I have not finished reading it myself, but when I do, I hope to blog more extensively on this topic.


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