The Immersive City Experience

For this last post on photographically-based multimedia projects, I have chosen the New York Times feature One in 8 Million. This project pairs audio with photography to tell 54 stories of New York residents. There are many subtle effects this project uses to provide the viewer with a truly interactive, immersive experience.

The black background is a strategy employed in many New York Times photography posts. It makes the photos pop and brings out color when present. All these portraits are black and white, but I think the effect is just as effective here. The blurred city image that  provides a background for the horizontal sliding photos gives the impression of depth of field between photographs. In this way, it positions the viewer among the photos– making the viewer a part of the project and producing a more intimate experience.

Another thing that connects the viewer to the project is the motion of the images at the beginning and as one navigates through the project. The project gives the distinct impression of walking down the street, meeting and talking with all these people. The opening audio also lends itself to this atmosphere.

Each photo that is paired with an audio clip is a strong, stand-alone environmental portrait. Conveying a subject’s physical features, personality, lifestyle, and attitudes in one photograph is extremely difficult to do. When successful, it detonates an intimate (or at least attentive) relationship between photojournalist and subject. The quality of these portraits really elevates the project, giving the audience a heads-up that this a clean, well-organized and well-executed project that took a lot of time and thought to complete.

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  1. Saw your comment on the Book Festival page to Eyvonna and checked out your site. Nice work, and sorry I won’t meet you at the festival. Keep the photos coming, you have a great eye.

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