The J-School Project: Introduction

I’ve decided, as sort of a semester end series for this blog as well a temporary goodbye to Mizzou, to shoot some bits of the j-school. I’ve included just a few preliminary things I’ve seen on a quick rounds of the Reynolds Journalism Institute. It’s crucial that I spend a lot of time on this project, since I am here almost everyday and easily and naturally gloss over details that contribute to the j-school atmosphere.

The focus of this series will be exploring the “feel”, atmosphere, or temperament of the j-school, if you will. I think I will probably be focusing in large part on the architecture and also on student activity. I don’t want this to focus on journalism students, but rather on the school itself. For a lot of projects, focusing on the j-school means focusing on the efforts of individual students and bringing many stories together to construct the j-school. I’d like to see if I can do it a little differently. I will be focusing on the environment of the j-school, and portray students when they collide and exist within that environment. Stay tuned for photos after Thanksgiving break!



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