Shooting the Soul in my Sister

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I’m not extremely practiced in portraits, but I’ve done my fair share of family, baby, and toddler shots. However, shooting my sister is an entirely different animal. Laura is my closest friend. We look nearly identical, but she is 3 years my junior. Our similarities drive us into ridiculously dramatic arguments and as well as into adventures, concerts, and great conversation. However, we also have many differences, and most of the time still find one another mysterious and somewhat enigmatic. This is why she is so hard to shoot. I’ve shot more photos of Laura than probably any other subject ever. I bet I have over 5,000 unique photos on my laptop of her.  But being with someone a lot of time does not reduce the person’s complexities, but tends to sharpen them.

There is no personal space issue I have with my sister– I’ve been pointing the camera in her face since she was 5 or 6. But capturing her quiet, thoughtful, brooding countenance, as well as the bursts of creativity, emotion, and passion that shatter them is difficult. I suppose I’ve just got to keep on shooting.



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