The Aesthetic Appeal of KODA

KODA is job search site, with the same purpose as CareerBuilder or Monster. But they are offering a very specific feature that other sites don’t focus on: building trust, dialogue, community, and reputations in the community of your career choice. Their design reflects this effort to set themselves apart on with a human interest angle.

The overall tone of the site is muted and easily scannable, yet sophisticated and elegant. This feel is achieved by a beige and black color scheme offset by a good proportion of italicized text and photo illustrations that are reminiscent of art pieces. The homepage contains a rather simple banner with a prominent search bar. The two short sentences explaining the purpose of the site and the changing “feature” looking graphic with the illustrations are subtly blocked off under the banner by a background crosshatching. Below are five other components, still kept simple and stripped down: “Featured Employers”, “Sign Up Now”, “Available Jobs”, “Meet Our Users”, and “Take a Tour”. All of these sections are kept light and there are no noisy lines bordering them off– only a comfortable amount of padding between each element.

To read the rest of this post, including analysis of interior pages, head over to Mizzou Multimedia Design.


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