The Magic Hour

I am in love with Malick-directed movies, mostly because of the breathtaking cinematography that I know I will see in every one. I just watched Thin Red Line for the first time and am eager to take a look at what many consider his masterpiece, Days of Heaven. The man behind the visuals I am so head-over-heels for is Néstor Almendros. In his quote, he identifies the best bit of time for any visual documenting. As an I’m-not-sure-what-I-am-yet student, I find this quote encouraging. It highlights a time of day that fine-art photographers, cinematographers, videographers, and photojournalists all appreciate.

“The magic hour is a euphemism, because it’s not an hour but around 25 minutes at the most. It is the moment when the sun sets, and after the sun sets and before it is night. The sky has light, but there is no actual sun. The light is very soft, and there is something magic about it. It limited us to around twenty minutes a day, but it did pay on the screen. It gave some kind of magic look, a beauty and romanticism.”


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