Turning the Event into a Successful Photo Story

I was scrolling through some up-and-coming photographers and stumbled upon Michael Warren, a non-traditional portrait photographer from New York. His work stood out to me because it reminded me of what a good interview would look like visually: comfortable, natural subjects who are engaged and unafraid in the face of the camera. Warren’s style and vision are not overpowering. He disappears within his photos, letting his subjects have the voice while still retaining artistic control.

The collection which stood out most to me was Vibes. This set was very reminiscent of Elliot Landy’s Woodstock series, only shot 40 years later in a different festival setting. The collection appealed to me on many levels. First, it elevated itself past the typical concert photos by taking time to explore the fest through the eyes of the attendees. So often, people come to concerts with spectacular cameras only to capture that one shot of their favorite artist or band. I really enjoyed how to fest-goers were the focus, lending the event a more narrative tone. It was also easy for me to relate to. As in every Michael Warren portrait I have come across, the subjects were acting naturally. As a viewer, I felt engaged, eagerly paging through the slideshow to see where the story would led.


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