Artistic Legitimacy & Journalistic Value in Wedding Photography

Cringing and an occasional involuntary gag are my natural reaction to wedding photographers and their work. The unfortunate (and largely accurate) stigma associated with wedding photography is cheesy, posed and extraordinarily garish pictures.

However, there has been a growing trend towards documentary wedding photography. I always knew that some photographers were pursuing a more “authentic” approach for their clients, opting for more candid shots instead of a collection of posed portraits. However, I was never aware that they had their own organization that shatters the stereotype of wedding photography. The Wedding Photojournalist Association shatters stereotypes about this kind of photography, encouraging people to see their event as something newsworthy and worth providing a narrative for. The added value these photos add to a wedding could not be found anywhere else besides in the hands of photojournalists.

Check out the WPA’s website for examples of their documentary approach.


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