What Makes the iPhone 4’s Camera the Best Yet

The iPhone is becoming increasingly essential to breaking news reporting. Whether you’re the first to arrive at a disaster, crime scene or simply are in the right moment at the right time without all of your equipment, the iPhone is the way to go. You can send your photos to your editors or if you’re freelance, sell them quickly and efficiently to interested publications within moments of taking the shot.

When presenting the iPhone 4 to the general public yesterday, Steve Jobs pointed out its new and improved camera. I was recently reading an article on the iPhone 4 camera, and it’s interesting to see what propels the new camera to a quality that rivals smaller point-and-shoots and is respectable in the face of dSLRs.

According to Jobs, a bigger chip was added to the new iPhone, bumping the camera up to a 5 megapixel. Because of the size of the chip, pixels can also be larger. The larger the pixel, the less light needed to produce a good photo. (Think back to ISO and film sensitivity– the faster the film, the less light needed to capture the moment. However, these photos don’t risk getting grainy, and the risk seeing unattractive pixelazation decreases the higher the megapixel amount).

This means more flexibility for journalists in the field with their iPhones. If the moment isn’t perfectly well-lit or relatively stationary, a journalist on the move can still capture quality news photos and send them off quickly to be published.


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