Learning to See

It’s pretty self-explanatory: a photographer’s greatest asset are her eyes. Yet it is surprising how often the average person, or even someone who pursues the photographic medium as a hobby or career, walks around with closed eyes. Sure, they are not literally walking into trees, getting run over by cars, or strolling off cliffs. But our unique vision and interpretation of the world around us can easily be lost beneath a daily routine of making our way to class and work, grabbing lunch or coffee with a friend, and knocking errands off the to-do list.

With this blog, My Viewfinder Eyes, I will be struggling to keep my eyes wide open. The posts will be filled with my own observations, photographs, and experiences as well as those from other photographers– both fine artists and photojournalists. In collecting this snippets of conscientiousness, I hope to be able to hold onto the feeling I get after hours of shooting– the awareness that the viewfinder frame remains even when I remove the camera from my eyes. I hope to grow to view my environment freshly, seeing both the beauty and the analytical data in scenes that I stumble upon (and hopefully have a camera in my hand to capture those moments).

Follow me. It should be an eye-opening walk for both of us.


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