Monique Meets Carlos

The above video depicts Carlos, a 7-year old, meeting with Monique, a 911 dispatcher. Carlos dialed 911 while his parents were held up at gunpoint in the adjoining room. With a clear head and a helpful dispatcher, Carlos helped prevent the robbery. The video depicts Carlos meeting Monique, a brief interaction between the two of them, and a small press conference as journalists throw out questions to both the 7-year old and the dispatcher.

This story is much more successful as a video than as a text article (I read a text article about the same event earlier). Why? Because their meeting is a highly emotional moment and the reactions could not be captured as fully on paper. However, this story could have been developed a lot more and done more thoroughly and successfully if only the person putting together the package had obtained supporting interviews with other 911 dispatchers that work with Monique, Carlos’ family, neighbors, teachers, etc. The fact that the majority of the video was a press conference and was only a few shots really kept the video from reaching its full potential as a well-developed news story. While it may have been impossible to obtain interviews with the two main stakeholders (as they WERE holding a press conference), branching out for other sources and even going on the scene to both the house and the dispatch center would have been helpful in rounding out the story.



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